Letter from our President

It’s been nearly 4 weeks since the initial Shelter in Place Order was given by our Health Department. Sadly, since then, we’ve seen the unprecedented impact that the virus is having on all of our lives.

While the coronavirus has heightened our sense that we must keep our families safe, businesses intact, and our country secure, we should all consider what an incredible and resilient country we are so fortunate to live in. This pandemic in inescapable. Everyone is being deeply affected. Yet, as we face this unprecedented challenge,  incredibly positive things are happening.

Manufacturers here in the United States are retooling to make masks, ventilators, face shields and medical supplies. Small businesses have taken out credit lines to keep employees paid. Commuters that now work from home are spending their commute money on take-out to support local restaurants. Breweries are making hand sanitizer. A nail salon in Alabama donated 500 masks and 30,000 gloves to healthcare workers. Less affected businesses are waiving fees, deferring payments and making donations in support of it all. Americans pulling together. The list goes on and on.

And of course there are the many tireless doctors, nurses, law enforcement officers, paramedics, emergency personnel, and essential services workers—including cashiers—on the front lines, combating this invisible enemy at great peril not only to themselves, but to their families.

These acts are the hallmarks of a great people. They define what we are all about in our core, as Americans.

As I face the challenge of keeping my family safe, our family business in one piece, and our employees paid, I am truly inspired by what I have seen. I know that we will make it to the other side of this. It won’t be easy, but we will. We always have.

It is our duty to serve our country in any way that we can at this moment. Whether you spend your commute budget on take out, go shopping for an elderly neighbor, or make a donation towards a need, we are all in a unique position to help in some way. I challenge everyone to think of a way to help, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Every gracious act makes a difference.

During this crisis, our core business has been put on hold. But, we will not stand by without trying to contribute to make a difference. We will offer what we have to fulfill our duty. We have a private warehouse, a commercial kitchen that is not open to the public, trucks and employees who want to help. And as they say in the Marines, we can improvise, adapt and overcome.

We have developed the following programs in support of our new mission:

Gift Hospital Meals - This initiative empowers anyone to thank a First Responder in the hospital community by sending them a meal. Include your personal message which we include with the delivery and we’ll take the meals to one of 10 Bay Area Hospitals within our reach. Send 1 meal or send 1,000. We’ll get the message and the thank you to the men and women on the front lines on your behalf.

In the last several days, we have delivered hundreds of meals to E.R. Departments who have been incredibly thankful for the gesture.

Thank a First Responder - Thank a First Responder who you know by sending them a dinner.  Include your personal message and we’ll deliver the dinner to their doorstep.

Drive-Thru Grocery Pickup - If you don’t feel comfortable, or should not be (and that includes most of us), entering a public store, we are providing a safe way to get essentials . Select needed items in our online store, schedule your pickup time (pickup times are available every 10 minutes) and our attendant will load your order. No contact, no waiting.

Home Delivery - Have a freshly prepared Bake and Serve meal safely delivered to your doorstep. Bake & Serve Meals are unique in that baking will kill the virus. We are developing additional bake and serve items, such as par-baked bread and ready to bake cookie dough.

Essential Services - We have put into place a limited catering menu that can be ordered for delivery to essential services workers. The meals are individually packaged and delivered hot. Order online for delivery 7 days a week.

Improvised CDC Design Masks - We have acquired enough fabric to make 800 masks that we are making  with guidance from the CDC. They each come with a coffee filter (because we have them) which you can replace with a vacuum bag HEPA filter if you have one. They are free to anyone who needs one. We are making them as fast as we can. (Please be patient) Ask for one when you pickup groceries or when you order a Bake & Serve Meal for delivery. If we have one ready, it’s yours.

It is now up to our community to step up in support of each other. Do something positive with your time, your talent, your resources, whatever they may be. Thank you for your commitment to doing something good at this difficult and uncertain time. Together we will get through it.

We can do this!

Jeff Schlagel

President, Maverick’s Catering (and now groceries and meals, too!)

Serving the Greater Bay Area for 25 Years